Sunday, 13 February 2011

Haggis Scotch Eggs

I have been toying with making these little beauties for a while but never seemed to have got around to making them. I was very pleased with them. Serve them with a garnish of your choice or just a dollop of the horseradish mayonnaise.

Ingredients (Makes 8):
  • 8 quail eggs
  • 125g sausage meat
  • 150g haggis
  • Plain flour
  • 1 beaten egg
  • 30g fresh brown breadcrumbs
  • 20g oats (very slightly blended to reduce crumb size)
  • Salt & pepper
  • Oil for deep frying (150 degC)
  • For the horseradish mayonnaise:
  • 2tbsp quality mayonnaise & 1tbsp horseradish mixed well
Cook the quails eggs for 1.5 to 2 minutes in boiling water then wash in cold water and peel and pat dry. Mix the haggis and sausage meat together with a little seasoning until well mixed. Set up 3 dishes with flour, egg and the breadcrumb/oats mixed. Take some haggis mixture and form into pattie and then make a ‘cup’ that will take an egg (about 6mm thick) place egg in the hollow and then work the mixture around the egg to form a neat covering and the basis of a scotch egg (make sure there are no gaps in the casing) I find that the egg is about 5cms in diameter. Prepare all the eggs and then on to the next stage. Roll each egg in flour (shake excess off) cost in the egg and then roll in the breadcrumb mix until well covered. When all eggs are done, deep fry in oil for 4.5 minutes. Allow the eggs to drain well and finally pat dry with a kitchen tissue if required. Serve immediately or allow to cool.
Having been inspired by a photo that Lee posted from The Friday Food Club, I substituted the egg with grated beetroot (cooked) It’s a bit fiddly and a lot messier but the results are great and a perfect match with the horseradish may. One tip – pat the beetroot a little to ensure it is not too wet! It will make the forming of the ‘egg’ easier. Enjoy (PS Sorry there isn't a better photo of the beetroot version - couldn't resist it and only remembered to photo is at the last minute!)

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Hottest Chilli Sauce?

My mate Tim always loves his chilli sauce, so it was a ‘no brainer’ for me when I saw this at the Good Food show at Olympia last year. Dragons Blood, Batch 13 holds no punches! In fact Tim’s words were ‘I’m on fire!’
We think it’s the hottest yet!!